El hijo que fue perdido.

The Son

Homegirl L came back from a trip to the lower 48 wanting to buy a skull from me.

It’s not for her self, but a friend who’s baby boy was stillborn.


I can’t just let any skull go to this Mother. So I made this one special.


The souls of los ninos return on October 31.

Here is a link to the events October 30-Novbemer 1 at Outnorth.



**El hijo que fue perdido. = The son who was lost.**

4 Responses to “El hijo que fue perdido.”

  1. love this, Angela. bittersweet.

  2. I have to say, this is one piece of your work that really draws me in. Glad its going to a proper home

  3. you rock Angela!

  4. Cool. I want you to go to Coast to Coast.com and enter their scary art work for Oct. 31. Winners will be on their web. Good luck!

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