It’s not any better in France

Irregular ChildhoodIn Floirac, on May 21, 2009, two cousins, aged 6 and 10 years old, suspected of stealing bicycles, were arrested at the exit of their school and taken to the police station following a complaint filed by the mother of another student for bicycle theft. Two crews and six policemen were mobilized to take away the two little boys, the claimant, her two children, and the bicycles. The Gironde prefecture notes that “the police acted in a well-defined framework, validated by the prosecutor,” before adding: “When we have a complaint for theft and the clues that allow us to identify a suspect, even though it may be a minor, it is incumbent upon us to act.” The Gironde’s Public Security Chief speaks of a “non-event.

Irregular Childhood.  By Gilles Chantraine and Ariane Chottin  |  Vacarme                         At   


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