Snippets of Spenard.

Here are two snippets of life in Spenard.

I was in the check out line at Carrs. I get up to the cashier and she asks “How is going today?” Told her it was great till the old dude in front of me cut loose with a fart. “Like where’s that cilantro?” She lost it, said I had made her day.

Spenard being Spenard we have our share of ‘characters’. There’s been ‘Sweaty’.  He wore a heavy overcoat all year-round, with a dish towel draped over his neck. To mop up the sweat. And ‘Beltless’ he would come into the store with his ass totally exposed. And of course Spenard icon Floyd. RIP dude, hope you get all the spare change you want.

Today coming back from lunch, I find there is a woman in the entryway of the store who could be any where between 35 to 50. It’s hard to tell because she never stops talking. Talking to some unseen person. Loudly. She knows the names of any and all celebrity types from the 70’s, and is telling that unseen person all about them. I got a ghost of a smile out of her today when I asked her to tell me about Truman Capote. “Drinking wine with Elizabeth Taylor at the Oscars.” But she was in an angry mood and got defensive immediately after. I wish I could tape her when she’s happier. She can be as entertaining as the stars she talks about.


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