I rode to the clinic today. Yeah, fucking cold. And I’m one of those that goes “Cold? Bring it on.” It was below zero down in Chester Creek. I used toe warmers,

and I got a new pair of lobster gloves. I’ve been wanting a pair of these for a while. But as always I’m most proud of not freezing my piercings. Been there done that and it fucking hurts. Felt it in my knees, it is colder when I rode home. And I was really hungry. I guess I could have kept riding to Carrs and  gotten something ‘healthy’ No way, I stopped off at Tommy’s!  Slipping my spare hat over the box holding my burger and fries, I hauled ass home. It’s only half a mile, but the fries where almost cool. The burger rocked. Does any one know why fries don’t taste as good cold?

Cold and I have blankets over the front door. I have one between the kitchen and front room. When I hit the sheets I have one in the hallway. I’m going to have a huge gas bill next month. Which is nothing next to what Steve and Johanna have been going though. The pipes in the cabin have froze and been thawed, froze and thawed, over and over again this week. I think they are ready to lose it. No fun when you have to walk next door to pee or take a shit. 

Between art ideas. But here’s a daily draw.


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