Black Friday

I had to get up at about 4 the fuck am today. The store was opening at 8am and I had to be there at 6am to count out the tills. Yeah, I’m a bean counter. Auditor, I count the money. It is a lot harder than you think. Specially if your brains are wired for the right side not the left. And it takes some time to count out $1000 in one dollar bills. And when I got my coffee break, this old dude who fucking lives at K-bros says, “What? the busiest day of the year and your not working?” Asshole. “If I wasn’t working I’d be home in bed dude.”

But I’m lucky. Some stores opened at 5 am. Some opened the doors at midnight.

We had some kids in tents out front overnight. No matter what the time, people showed up.

Fucking insane. What does that say about a culture? When some one will get their ass to a store at 5 am for $5 pj’s (Target) or half off a returned item? Or toasters for $3.

And how does a business make a profit, or even break even on that? They often do it by paying trash wages, not giving health insurance. And by buying the cheapest whatever slave made, (child labor, prisoner labor, forced labor, no bathroom break workers), shipped in boats using the cheapest fuel the dirtiest fuel, with slave sailors.  And they count on the herd instinct. If they just get you in the store you will buy something, just because every one else is.  I’m lucky that the store I work at works hard to be clean. But way use that herd instinct. Remember, your only as good as your gear. 

Can’t these go shopping at 5 fucking am people see they are both being taken advantage of and participating in the destruction of the planet? Retailers taping into some primal urge to be first. To get the best piece of meat. To beat the rest of the swarm.

But if you wonder why the earth is burning, why the waters fouled, so many people left behind that they eat out of garbage dumps. Take a good fucking look at what you have in your house. Why do you need that do-hicky, that thing-a-bob? Have many shoes do you really need? I could do the same. How many tubes of paint do I need? But I wore a jacket that is almost 20 years old today. It still does the job I want it to do. I hate shopping for clothes. I will wear and repair the same pair of pants for years. It’s one of the reasons I wear mostly black clothes. Even if faded, black goes with black. I’ll wear shoes to no tread left so worn that my feet will hurt. And I’ve never owned a car. 

Although this afternoon I kinda wish I did. It was a tense icy ride home, when I have to leave the ranch it will get tenser. Because I will probably live farther away from work. I don’t want to get more than a mile away. 

So you go shop, go get the cheapest. I hope you feel good about it. But take a look at where that thing was made. Think about who made it, did they eat today? Will they eat tomorrow? Did they pee in their pants, on the line, because there’s no break for them.

Yeah, Black Friday.


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  1. Yep ~ I agree. I don’t shop. We give recycled gifts for the holidays ~ every person in my family shops in their own home to give a gift. It’s fun & amazing all the “stuff” we accumulate! Good post. T

  2. good writing–keep it up

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