Bike, frame, cat

Boy I sure haven’t been posting much. I think blogs are something that self-promotion is an important part of, if you want a large group of readers. After 20 years of making art, which is another thing that self promotion is a big part of, (at least if you want to sell any of it) I know I suck at this. Not making any money off of ether one. So, I love you my 40 readers. 40 readers that help me feel that I’m not just screaming into the internet wind.

We have more winter riders at work every year.

And Fat Bikes are the ride of choice for some dudes. One guy rides in from Omalley road. It takes him about an hour.

                                                                                                          And these Pogies help keep your hands warm.I don’t do much winter trail these days, I have out lived my knees. Those fat tires would only be a drag in Spenard.         

My homegirl L. asked me if I could donate some art to a mental health organization. They are doing the tried and true, get them drunk and they will buy art. I remember the old VAC. We had art auctions too. You can work your butt off on these things. I gave when asked. But my stuff never bought in much. So I wish them luck with this one. ‘My brain on drugs.”

And we can’t forget the rancho catos. Here we have Adoe at the window. Looking for some kitty treats, may be a tuna can opened for dinner. He loves empty tuna cans. Because to him they are not empty.

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  1. “He loves empty tuna cans. Because to him they are not empty.”

    Life lesson No. 5

  2. Hey Angela ~
    I’m reading 🙂 Have your friend email me & I’ll donate something too.

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