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Spenard Spring Social

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Bad laws and beans.

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Forgive me, but I almost laughed when I read that the Arizona state capital building had been vandalized with swastikas, done in refried beans. The laugh came from a long moment of cognitive dissonance. Swastikas and beans? So the state of Arizona passed a law that any Nazi could love. Yet the neo-Zazi hits the state. But Mexicans and those who ‘look illegal’ (most artists look illegal) hate it. Could it be the Mexicans and their allies are labeling the state and that law for what it is. Fascist. Using the humble food of beans. Or are there now Mexican Nazis? I’m so confused.

 This AZ law is really sucky. Do you look illegal? Your hair, your clothes, your shoes. Or that you can’t speak english. You just don’t look right, off to jail you go.

 The same thing is being done in Oakland CA over some illegal land I guess, a 100 square blocks in North Oakland. May be you look like a gang member. Or may be you are standing next to a gang member.

  “It would criminalize everyday activities, including “driving, standing, sitting, walking, gathering, or appearing” in public with suspected gang members… Violators could face up to six months in jail and $1,000 in fines.”

It doesn’t even have to be a real gang member, just suspected. Artists kinda look like a gang when we all show up wearing black. Both these laws Suck. Follow the links if you want to help.

4/20 plus

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Va-Ca Day 1 and 2

Sleep thats what I did. First thing after getting home. At four hours I think it went  beyond a nap. Got up and ate some ice cream I got for just this moment , moved on to more meat and tortillas. I stayed up for as long as I fucking wanted.

Of course that leads to sleeping till noon. Ahhh, see how fast we slip back into what ‘normal’ is. If there is such a thing as normal in our world. 

After spending all day Sunday in my jp’s. Today is taking the studs off of Lee Roy and some Spenard shopping. Lost one of the balls on a piercing. Thought about letting this one go. It can bug when sleeping on it. But all my metal as been with me for so long. I would feel weird without. 

It doesn’t feel like I’m on va-ca yet. These are my regular days off. By Thursday

I’ll be into it, hopefully.


Ah fuck, it’s raining. And I just gave Lee Roy a bath. I just might not go any where again today. But at least I got my boots on.


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The Backstory Here.

Gov. forms, Insurance forms and a Krazy Kat.

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