Bad Cop, Good Dogs.

Rob Drooker NYC

Yet another example of Bad Cops and Mexican bashing. This time in Seattle.
This link to the Seattle P.I gets the gist of it.

Much much happier is word of a new breed of dog coming out of Greece.

This is Kanellos. It is Greek for cinnamon. He/she is a riot dog.

Some out there on the intertubes say the “real” Kanellos died over a year ago.  Others say write that the dog is the same dog over the last two years. Or that it is two or more dogs that look a lot alike. I personaly hope they are having lots of puppies. I would really love to hang with a anti-capallist dog that runs point in a roit zone.

Lots of pics in the tubes, use your Gooogle Fu.

I got another check for a skull sale from Dos Manos Gallery.

Ahhhh, some one bought one of my skulls on 4.20. Which as every one knows is cop code for “I’ll take that.”


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