Spenard in May.

There’s more but it was way too late and I was way tired, (note all the typos) when I got this far.  In the box this morning. We were busy busy yesterday. Later folks.


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  1. Hey Ang! Thanks for stopping by the Taproot the other day! We’re really excited to get the word out abut the new venue, so we greatly appreciate you blogging about us. I love you blog! I think your take on Spenard is spot on and the photos are great as well. If you have some time later, I’d love to pick your brain about the slam scene. When I lived in Fairbanks, there was a pretty regular slam at this little dive bar called the Marlin and I always remembered it being a lot of fun ( i even participated once or twice! ). As I mentioned before, I don’t have a lot of contacts as far the slam scene is concerned here in Anchorage, but am VERY interested in the idea of getting something going at the Taproot on the regular. I think it would be well received with the clientele and I think it definitely fits our MO as far as supporting the arts. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks again for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you in the future!

  2. Pico Alaska Says:

    That tower thing down on the beach … Remnant of a sewer-treatment facility? … I haven’t been there in about 10 years. Did you see the quote from a Borges poem or story written on the tower? Was it still there?

    • Pico,
      I think the tower is still active, for something. You can here air coming out of the top.
      No poems, but it sounds like a good idea. Ten years is too long. Grab your rattle can, and take the dog. You are not too old to tag.

      • Pico Alaska Says:

        … what a cool idea … a can, a dog and something to say … maybe I can put the Borges quote back up there.

  3. It’s crazy to see that room with the windows uncovered. In all those years at the Fly By Night, I don’t think I ever saw them uncovered once. I don’t even think of that room as having windows. Viva la Taproot!

    • Pico Alaska Says:

      You’re right–damn weird, that window. LIGHT! In the FLY BY NIGHT!! Too strange.

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