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Capitalism Sucks

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I was going to write about Supervisors, both my sister’s and mine. And how I loath the capitalistic¬† system that builds on it’s self with human greed and arrogance.
Killing the planet is just gravy. And don’t forget the oppression, don’t forget the slaves, we still have them. We just don’t have to live next to them any more. I cheer on the Fall, can’t happen soon enough.

“But Ang. what about what you eat, what your wear, your meds, and your paint? Yup, gone, all gone.¬† Any one who has seen me in the flesh knows I have flesh to spare. I hate buying clothes. Lay in a stash of meds and buy a month or two of time.¬† I have lots of paint, I know how to make it last. When it’s all gone, I die a martyr in my own personal anarchist jihad.

I’m in a foul tonight. So I’ll leave you with a brain painting update.


Lawn Ornament

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Got two weeks to a month of time and the money to buy a plane ticket to
New Orleans? Go here for a great contact list on Truthout. I like William Rivers Pitt. I like him even better now that he has gone back to his old job Bouncing in a bar. Got to keep it real.

A podcast with Riki Ott, the latest on the ground from the best. She is an Alaskan we can all be proud of.

See you at the tribe BBQ.


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Midnight Rant

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Links that might be of interest to you.

Riki Ott – BP Censoring Media, Destroying Evidence

Rachel Maddow talks to Park Rangers. The Big Greasy 1 The Big Greasy 2.

Torsos, Rx $ and got Diagnosis?

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the vortex

Torsos and Brains.

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