Midnight Rant

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Riki Ott – BP Censoring Media, Destroying Evidence

Rachel Maddow talks to Park Rangers. The Big Greasy 1 The Big Greasy 2.


2 Responses to “Midnight Rant”

  1. Great commentary, sad but oh so true! The whole gulf tragedy is like a train wreck ~you want to look away but can’t…it’s oddly attracting in it a horrible way.

    I laugh out loud when the poor people of LA say, ‘I submitted a bill to BP 2 weeks ago & they haven’t paid it yet.” I yell at the TV … “AND THEY’RE NEVER GOING TO.”

    Good post , Angela. What are you up to art wise these days? Are you going to have a booth at the Spenard Framer’s Market?


  2. Pico Alaska Says:

    Regarding BP’s stage-management of the spill coverage: Check out this latest, from tonight’s NYT …


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