(Almost) Dead Old Man Biking.

Going home, about 4ish. Off to Carrs for some fruit and tuna and….
I have to cross N. Lights, Minnesota, and N.Lights again getting there. I slide passed the Homeless camped out on the corner and cross N. Lights.  The heavy traffic of ‘Idiot Hour’ is here an hour early. I’m fully waiting for the light to change. Jumping the light right now is not a good idea. I cross Minnesota, and wait.

I watch this skinny old guy across N. Lights roll up to the intersection. Shit, he barely stops in time to keep from rolling into traffic. I don’t think he had the hand brakes figured out yet. His feet were heel down trying to stop.

The lights change to let cars turn from Minnesota on to N. Lights. They are on the old man’s right side. He doesn’t look or see them and rolls right out in to traffic.

I see one car behind him and one coming up in front. I can’t take it, and cover my eyes with my right hand. I heard a guy next to me “Look Out!” I’ll deal with whatever comes next, but I don’t want to see it happen.  And nothing. I uncover my eyes, and skinny old man is pulling up next to me. I yell because the traffic is loud. “Be careful!, they will hit you.” I look into his eyes, dear God, he’s drunk.

I ride on, I wonder if he’ll remember that he was almost old man dead.


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