The Party Pictrues


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  1. Pico Alaska Says:

    I too heard the figure (because of really generous donations), and I too heard it from very reliable sources. … The photo of people walking in the rain: Isn’t that a Woodstock scene? … Great spirit to this wingding, many new faces and lots of kids. The guaranteed part of any Annual Studio Party, besides the beer and the BBQ, is the kids who go nuts for the salvos of the trebuchet. They love it. And I think this year they even had their own melons to shoot at the target. … Hey! Guess what! … We learned last night of an idea floated by a person who is said to be autistic (no kidding, and I mean this with all respect). The idea is … coconuts! … That’s right, coconuts to replace melons as WMD. … It’s under serious consideration.

  2. Coconuts? Those things are as hard as rocks. I bet it would go right though
    that plywood.

    • Pico Alaska Says:

      That’s kind of the idea. Right now the target just about always destroys the weapons without much affect on the target (exceptions duly noted). But coconuts? … Wouldn’t that sound cool, one of them striking the moose or the spinning wheel? … Actually, it would be very violent, as I think about it. If it accidentally hit one of those kids, the Annual Studio Party would have its first death. … Not such a good idea!

  3. Rapidrojo Says:

    Yo Ang, as an ex-Spenardasaurus I love your site. Exclamation point. Brian only recently turned me onto it but you can be sure I will be checking in for my homey fix with stubborn regularity. Wheel of Fortune was an instant favorite when I first saw it, even before I knew it was yours. Figures, yes? In my mind I brewed the soggy studio party images into a tea that I drank contentedly. So thanks for that. And thanks for you. By the way, I enthusiastically vote for coconuts . . . Paz grande chica

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