Meanwhile, back at the ranch.

Houston, we have a situation.

El Rancho has been audibly cracking for the last week with the mass rain. And there is water seeping out from the kitchen cabinet right next to the stove. It’s coming down from the main wall. I looked in the cabinet with my flashlight, dry. Shit. I guess something got tweaked around in there. If I put my ear to my bedroom wall I can hear the drip.

The Rancho rests on peat bog, logs (no shit, two big ones running the length of both sides of the house) and crumbling cinder blocks. So sensitive to ground changes that sometimes I don’t know if the shaking I feel is the start of an earthquake or a passing truck. The front door sits differently in it’s frame, from summer to winter.

The plumbers have been called. For now I have a towel on the floor. It makes squishing sounds when I step on it. I always feel bad when something goes butt up around here. $$$$ Damn. I know it won’t make me homeless tonight, and someday I have to leave. But I’m not leaving Spenard.

I got all hopeful for a                    second or two.

Did you see the headline in the ADN? “Pebble critics take up arms” “Wow,” I thought “about fucking time.” Oh wait, more pieces of paper waving in the air. More ‘studies’ and ‘hearings’ The only part that made sense was the comment that the fishermen of Dillingham were going to have to teach their children how to fight this deathless beast.

Children of Dillingham, resistance need not be passive. And beware of all outside groups. Like why are those Greenpeace people now working for an oil company?
Because the Color of Money is Green.

Back to Work.
Summer and my Stay-cation is almost over. Back to The Box. I stopped in after coffee today it see if I still have a job. Talked to my co-auditor, she’s worked eight days in a row cus of me. Harsh! I didn’t mean for that to happen. I should do some Sunday shifts for her.

************Situational Update**************

Whew! It wasn’t all that bad. Jimmy the Plumber came over, opened the door of the water heater space. Clicked on his flash light and did a scan. “Your relief valve is leaking, easily fixed.”  Yay! Both Johanna and I had visions of sawing though the bedroom wall. I went for coffee and he was done when I came home. The hardest part was Johanna yelling my name from outside my window. Moan, it’s 8:30 am. When I got home, I lasted about an hour and went back to bed.


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  1. Thanks, Ang!
    btw, you read my mind, I was looking at the trebuchet, and considering other targets…such as the Boardroom windows of BP…

    For those interested in working for better Mineral Resource oversight, and better regulation of Mines throughout Alaska, please consider joining the Alaska Action Center. We are kicking off a new campaign against Pebble and other hazardous mines in AK. Just email me for more info and meeting dates. Thanks!

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