Meat space mail call

Did you notice that the weather got nicer. That’s because I had to go back to work! Back to The Box with no windows. The Weather Gods hate me. Notice that hint of Fall in the air? Long stem flowers toping out. And on the ground, tons of mushrooms. Some you can even eat. And some you should not even go near.

I did something artful every day on this stay-cation. Ether at Sheila’s or here at El Rancho. On my last day off, despite the lovely weather I stayed home to paint on my brains. 

Natural light, in shorter and shorter supply, was too great to waste.

One of my goals for the stay-cation was ‘No days without art’.  My other goal was to have no zero days on the blog stats. And we did it! Well you guys did it, coming by to check out the latest at Life in Spenard.

For this you have my most sincere thanks. You All Rock!

Bukowski B-Day.

I used to have a widget on a home page called ‘Today’s reason to drink.’
It died on me a while ago. I guess the guy couldn’t think of any more reasons, and just drank. Last Monday was the birthday of a great drinker and poet, Charles Bukowski. He lasted a lot longer than any one, even him, ever thought he would.  Pickled to perfection he died at age 73 in 1994.

I thought about posting one of his poems, but went for some thing of my own.


Ready to recycle if any one cares to pick it up.
This corpse of a can.

It scurried to the curb. Just beating the changing traffic lights
green, yellow, red.
From the right turn lane,
the wind of just after morning rush hour cars
spinning it parallel to road, up and over the rolly ruts,
picking up speed on the downhill side.
Lite wrapped around it’s blue body.

I watched a beer can cross Spenard Rd.


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  1. Glad you liked it. The Stranger and Weekly both originally came from Brynn in Seattle. I needed a little extra time with the Stranger which is why it was sent on later. The mystery stickers are from my old friend D-Know, a graffiti artist in California. The other stickers were “Wacky Packages” from Topps.

    Let me know how you like the dried snake head. I think it turned out pretty good (even with the bullet hole).

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