Conflict II

Here’s is the letter that I delivered today to the operations director of the clinic. I have already received a short very polite reply to the letter via email.

Dear Sir,
This is a difficult letter to write as I have been unfailingly treated with respect by all the staff at AMHC The exception to this is your employee V__n ___. I do not have his last name. He will be referred to as V. for the rest of this letter. Which you can consider as a formal complaint against him.

I have had at least three confrontation with V. over the issue of AHNC current placement of the bike rack. They go something like this.

V.    Please use the bike rack.
Me. I don’t trust your rack. Are you going to replace my bike if stolen?
V.    No, no I’m not.

A word here about my bike. My bike is my only source of
transportation in Anchorage. As I have never owned a auto
of any kind. Never believing in the one person, one car

But do not confuse bike with cheap. My bike is custom, built from the frame up by me. Were it available commercially it would retail for over $1500. I make an average of $20,000. a year. I will let you do the math as to what percentage of my yearly income this bike represents.

I’ve asked many of my biking coworkers if they would lock their bike next to an ally in Fairview. Answers go from the universal, “Not in any ally” to the common, “No” to the emotional “Hell NO!”

This latest confrontation became more heated when V. decided to get real close to me. Were V. to lay one hand on me I would charge him with assault. He well knows this because he seeks to intimidate with the size of his body and the volume of his voice.
Me.  “Bikes have been stolen from that rack,
It’s not safe.”
V.       “All those bikes were unlocked! I’ve tuned-
up doctors for tell’n people that!”

From the Urban
Tuned-up.  The act of receiving or delivering a
“no holds barred” beating by one individual or
several individuals.

Mr. F how long will this man’s disrespectful behavior continue? I will not be intimidated when V. tries to “tune up” me. I bilked away from this incredibly angry. And you should take into account that people leaving the clinic can be in a very raw emotional state. The news is not always good in that building.

The Hypocrisy of the physical setting.

You have the smallest No Smoking signs on earth. And people have been using the covered area as their smoking bay for years  And bikes have been locked to the railings for years. Each time I come to the clinic I see cigarette butts on the ground and bikes locked to the rail. Both edicts are obviously unenforceable.

Then you put in that ash tray masquerading as a trash can. The clinic may not be in violation of the letter of the no smoking regulations. here in Anchorage. But it sure violates the spirit of those regulations.

Mr F I encourage you to reclaim the front porch for a much healthier activity. Bikes.

Cut the bike rack you now have so that it fits under the overhang with two feet to spare. Get rid of the bench. (which also enables smoking) Place the rack right in the middle at a right angle two feet from the west wall. (see drawing on the last page) And at least eight feet from the north wall. This way the bikers can use both sides of the rack. And there is no room for smoking. Cut the bench in half also. Place them where you want.

And if you give me the same amount of wall space you gave those “Park bike….” signs I will paint a no smoking message that will be hard to ignore.

Mr F I hope this also shows you the necessity of a safe, covered, close to the front door bike rack at the new clinic. At the new building I will continue to lock up my bike where I feel that it is safe.

What I want from V. is a written apology, for both me and those on the medical staff that he bullied.

Thank you for your time. I hope that this matter can be resolved soon.

PS. For the raw emotional story of what happen to me on 9/8/10 you can go to my blog.  This letter will be posted there at 6pm today.

I’m really hoping that this issue gets taken take of peacefully. Any thing else will make my blood pressure to go up. But I’m not giving in to this dude. Tribe at my back. I’m not afraid.


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  1. Nicely written, Ang.
    I hope their response is as considered and thoughtful as your letter; which I felt was very polite, and if anything let Mr. Venomous V. off lightly…btw, if you don’t get satisfaction you know who to call…
    Mischief-R-Us: Serving up revenge since 1989

  2. Da, Comrade Amok.

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