Conflict Resolution

Here is the reply to the letter I dropped off on Tuesday.

Ms. A
I hope you’re enjoying this fine Fall day and not struggling through the fog that seems to have enveloped the city today.  I wanted you to know that I met with some of our Facilities staff this morning and asked them to look at the covered area outside the entrance which you pointed out in your letter.  I would like them to provide a secure bike rack that is under the roof covering so that we can encourage more clients and staff to ride bikes to the ANHC.  I expect them to come back to me in the next few days with some plans that will facilitate this while adhering to the numerous fire codes and building codes we must abide by.  I share your frustration with the smoking ordinances and our ability to enforce them.  My hope is that when our new building is completed it will be a smoke-free campus.  I am very hopeful that the next time you visit the ANHC you will find a bike rack that is convenient, secure (to the best of our ability), and covered.
MR. F.

A bike rack under cover. I’d call that a win. But no mention about the behavior of V. Mmmmm. If I asked I’d bet I would get the “we do not discuss employee issues with members of the public.” That’s ok, we do the same thing at my work place. Nothing about the new clinic ether. If I want to see a better bike rack at the new building,  I’ll have to stay on their butt.

I shared this with one of my more level headed coworkers. Reminding me that two out of three, no smoking, and a better bike rack, isn’t bad. Thanks M&M.
I think I’ll call this done. Here’s to new and better bike parking. And seeing that bike rack sitting there, day after day, is going to burn V. longer than any forced apology. Good enough reminder to leave me alone.

3 Responses to “Conflict Resolution”

  1. You are my hero! 🙂

  2. Ahhh, thanks C. Doing what I can, one revolution at a time.

  3. Steven J Heimel Says:

    Those tinpot dictators are everywhere. Certainly all over France. Trying to deal with them is basically just wackamole. Better off dodging.

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