Sleep like the Dead


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  1. Pico Alaska Says:

    ‘bone cold & intense’ … lovely. The wind is hateful, until you realize that it’s far far stronger than you, and then you almost beg to kiss its ass… Tree cracked in two at 4:30 p.m. today, Kincaid Park, the Lekisch Trail, about 20-25 feet from me as I walked by. Had the top half of this sick birch fallen toward me, I’d have had to scamper but fast. And I love Mother Nature! I do!!

  2. the following is a bulletin I posted on my MYSPACE…thought i would share it with you…I know your probly preparing a care package for her as I type this!

    If know Jackie then you know she is in Alabama trying to scratch out a living off of the land, left to her by her Grandmother. And by scratch I mean scrape! She is no longer eligiable for a PFD, as she is now an Ex-Patriot of Alaska. But we (those of you who are also Alaskans) are about to get $1281 from oil taken out of the land when Jackie was still living up here amongst us. I have decided to donate $20 to Jackie. That is about 2 weeks worth of groceries to Jackie, and so small amount that it will be unnoticable from the PFD.
    If you REALLY KNOW Jackie,then you have already agreed with me. That’s the kind of people we are. If you are not already subscribing to her blog, here is the address
    There is a link on her blog page that allows you to donate money…please do! And read some of her posts about the crazy adventure she has been on since she left our great stat

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