That was fast.

I have a fan in the opps. director at the clinic.

Ms. Ang

I was checking out your blog today and noticed you had been by the clinic and observed the slow response to our bike rack conversation.  I can certainly appreciate your feelings and have to agree with your friend who said “nothing happens fast at places like this”.  This past Monday I had that same conversation with the Maintenance supervisor.  To his credit, he was attending a conference related to the upkeep of our equipment here so it’s not his fault.  I reviewed the plans with him and told him to make this happen soon.  Specifically, the bench will be moved eastward and the bike rack will be placed in the “formless void”.  By the way, your artwork on the blog is amazing!

Well I know what my boss sounds like when I’m told to get it done ‘soon.’
My next appointment is with Dr. H on the 19th. We’ll see how soon is soon.

And thank you Mr. F for staying on task, visiting the blog, and liking the art work.

I got one of my brains back yesterday. The one I gave away for a fundraising art auction. They had too much stuff and mine didn’t make it. So I asked for it back.

I remember writing about it months ago stating that I had obsessed enough over it and it was done. Nope, got it home took it out of the frame and started in on the mistakes that I saw

Not happy with the frame I made for it ether. Dang day job. Back to the Box tomorrow.


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  1. i have been sending letters to various businesses for years about bike racks. fred meyer on northern lights used to have just one, on the far SW corner of the bldg. not near either entrance. it took them awhile, but they finally got around to putting in something a lot better recently. it is amazing to me that our local zoning ordinance requires that car parking be provided but there are no requirements for bike racks. doesn’t seem like 21st century thinking to me.

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