It’s better live.


3 Responses to “It’s better live.”

  1. Rapidrojo Says:

    Great report. Tinytown gone national. You are large, larger, largest. Steve is a living Heimlich Maneuver. The whole thing a perfect antidote to Glenn Beck, Drop Zone chimps wearing pants, monkey business. I bow to you. Thanks . . .

  2. I loved your take on the evening. It was truly a great night. Bill, Rachel’s Executive Producer sent me a very kind email to say thanks. He told me, “We all had the time of our professional lives, honestly, and the show came out pretty good too.” According to some of the crew that did the load out, the network folks in NYC said it was one of Rachel’s best shows-certainly the best show from a bar!

    Bill closed his email by saying, “And…we’re coming back one of these days!”

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