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The Day Begins

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24 Hours Later

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Here’s Skull a Day, enjoy!

Money Talks

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Calling all Gods

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Change of Heart, or Commuity Pressure?

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Earth Surf!

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8:03? Eww, that was a nice one. Had a deep vibe to it. So it’s hard to  guess the how far, how strong. I’ll say 4.8 but kinda far away. 200 miles out.


Well I got close to the magnitude, 4.72. But it was off on the distance, 140 miles.  Up in the Alaska Range. On the fault line that looks like the main vein on the map.


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With all this thinking about buses, I remembered I have a comic about riding the bus. Had a good time playing around with photo tricks, adding the color. Took up most of a day.