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Our good friend Dawn has a new poem Saffron River at Dawnrunsamok.

Democracynow has an update on the activists whose houses were raided by the FBI in September. If they refuse to talk in front of a grand jury, where you don’t get to have a lawyer by your side, it’s off to jail they go. That’s toward the end of the show. They lead with an interview with economist Michael Hudson. On how Obama is no better than Bush. They both have done nothing but support Wall St. They don’t give a shit about civil liberties ether.   I regret my vote for Obama. My Grand Pa was right, “They are all the same.”


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  1. Dawn Runs Amok Says:

    Many Thanks for the bump, Ang!
    I feel it’s crucial the Junta of Burma be held accountable for the Buddhist Monks still imprisoned. And I plea that they immediately set free Aung San Suu Kyi.

    Yes, it’s true that Pres. Obama has managed to accomplish some good since we elected him.
    Yet, I have to be honest, I am starting to regret my vote as well.
    Granted, Obama inherited a vile legacy from Bush, and all that went with it, including a virtual black-hole of a deficit.
    Nevertheless, by not following through on some of his most important campaign promises, such as shutting down Gitmo, he is losing the faith of the people. By maintaining the Fat-Cat status quo of Wall St. and a real disconnect in the actions of his Administration vs. his speeches, he is growing more ineffectual, and more and more of a politician than a leader.

    Use your tools, President Obama, don’t be one…

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