With all this thinking about buses, I remembered I have a comic about riding the bus. Had a good time playing around with photo tricks, adding the color. Took up most of a day.


3 Responses to “Testify!”

  1. Pico Alaska Says:

    Love the strip. A richly detailed gritty look at the real Spenard in a real winter with a real jerk who’d you’d feel sorry for if he wasn’t so creepy and lame. Critics would call this “pungent social commentary.” I just say, “You go, Girl Artist.”

  2. Thanks for this post Angela! Why are they always cutting the bus service?? I had an employee who used to ride the bus & her route was changed….it was something we could accomadate but I was a small business & she was a valued employee. A bigger company won’t allow arriving late & leaving early due to a transportation issue.
    Good on you that you testified!! T

  3. Way to testify Angela!

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