Change of Heart, or Commuity Pressure?


3 Responses to “Change of Heart, or Commuity Pressure?”

  1. Pico Alaska Says:

    For a minute there, i thought you were going to say the Drop Zone dropped out and away and is gone. Alas! Still in Alaska! Still in Spenard! It calls for more conjuring, Ang. You need to do a strip to smoke ’em out. … Glad to see you’re out there kicking back at your local neighborhood bar. CC has talked about doing a slam at Tap Root, but don’t know if and when that’s going to come off. You’ll hear about it if it’s in the works, though.

  2. Sweet, sweet Victory.

    I agree with Pico, do a strip on Dropzone…something apocalyptic…perhaps besieged in their store by rampaging Zombies, out of ammo, they’ve already eaten Joe Miller, and the only help are the battle-hardened Zombie Liberation Hippie Front, who won’t help them unless they promise to become vegan…

    No, seriously, a strip calling them out for the racist thugs they are is a great idea. I’ll help you cook up some wheat glue!

  3. surely they would do a lot better in a south anchorage location, where most of their customers live.

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