24 Hours Later

Here’s Skull a Day, enjoy!


2 Responses to “24 Hours Later”

  1. Bruce Farnsworth Says:

    no. i like the two skulls one. totally excellent. one skull yammering at another. the perfect personification of our stasis. really good. but i also agree that the partially-submerged-face-coffee-addict piece is nice too. bravo.

  2. Pico Alaska Says:

    “Coffee addict” grabs me on the most basic, synaptic, heart-valve level. Those eyes … In them I see the stasis Bruce talks about before their owner even knows stasis is on that day’s menu. What I see is dread: “Something’s coming, Barista Babe, and I’m afraid the caffeine is going to make me see it! But I can’t handle it in any other way. So pour it on.” … But I love dogs too and the yammering skulls. … which might be a name for a band that played Angela-inspired music. In fact, the full name could be Angel and the Yammering Skulls.

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