Hand in hand


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  1. Dawn Runs Amok Says:

    More Alaskan than most Alaskans…

    It’s not that you disregard or understate the pain you’re in; indeed, I know the pain-beast too well not to recognize its terrible work. However, it’s the amazing attitude you keep through the years that is impressive to me. That you rally LeRoy on the mean streets of Alaska, 24/7=365 is a feat worthy of respect in itself, that you do it despite the pain is truly an inspiration to me.

    When Dr. L did the nerve-block in my skull, he used a .25 gauge and it felt like he was digging around with a freakin’ tire-iron up in there…Raawwr! You have my heartfelt empathy.

    We who push our own wheels: “the skilled, the brave, the insane”, salute you!

    Stay tuff, Sister!

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