Oh Wow.


4 Responses to “Oh Wow.”

  1. Excellent news!!! I know the folks at MTS have been wanting you to have a show there from the get-go.

  2. Pico Alaska Says:

    Nothing like a deadline to put some fire in the belly, eh? … Hey, Ang. I got that “ballsy” work of yours here and will bring it back soon, next week sometime. I doubt you’re going to Bob Adler’s tomorrow evening. If you are, I’ll bring it there. See ya soon … Sending a mighty hug your way as you descend to the cave.

  3. Perfect O, Angela.. A finale to remember, I am sure. Wish you the best there and beyond. p

  4. http://retailmorons.blogspot.com/
    I peeped this blog..and …well…some it made me think of you! Love and miss you lady!

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