Last Days …Off


One Response to “Last Days …Off”

  1. Pico Alaska Says:

    Ang Sedition. You gave me high-decibel l.o.l. with your line, “Where’s a fucking Christian when you need them?” (Today, on this day, we know the answer to that question.) … It’s cool you care. I also wonder if it’s cool you don’t have a cell phone. I was about to say that was uncool at this stage, but maybe not.
    See you later today at MTS? I hope so. Some good stuff hanging there. You should bring some of yours. If you have anything strongly vertical, there’s a good spot to hang something in the inner “lounge,” right above the band stand. Let me know–again, strongly vertical or even oval, not higher than 4, 5 feet. I could even use two of ’em. Beautiful spots. But no one will read your name. This is in the big barn where most of the indoors portion of the party is coming together.

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