3 Responses to “Inequity”

  1. this is the most beautiful, poignant blog i’ve ever seen. thanks for being the amazing soul you are…jm

  2. Dawn Runs Amok Says:

    JaguarMary put it very well, Ang.
    Your excellent work just keeps raising the bar for all of us bloggers out there. The articulate account of these juxtaposed experiences shines a light on the chasm of inequality within our society. And we here know that Alaska can be unforgiving to those who are vulnerable, physically or emotionally.
    Thank you for shinning that Light on the plight of those who struggle every day just to survive; thank you for not backing down from the Corporate Swine who would so casually attempt to humiliate an employee just to buoy their already vastly inflated egos. Thank you, Sister, for sharing your perspective and experience~It’s an honor to be along for the ride…

  3. Dawn Runs Amok Says:

    Oh yeah, I’m still wondering if Mr. Safeway got his Cheez-whiz past security at the Bush Co…

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