Synchronicity In Spenard





4 Responses to “Synchronicity In Spenard”

  1. Only in Spenard! That is so awesome – I love it! (And the first goat’s name was Hypno, not Hypo. Her freaky gaze reminded me of Hypnotoad from ‘Futurama’.)

  2. Crap, fucking spell check. I did all of this post on the iPad. It makes it a pain in the ass to change anything. Sorry Hypno. I remember those eyes of hers. Crazy!

  3. if you need a skull, one will appear. sweet!

  4. Angela~
    We’re sincerely honored to have you exhibiting your art at the UHaul Festival. (I cannot wait to see the Goat skull chandelier…too Groovy!)
    On behalf of our U-haulian Cohorts, Thank You!
    With your exhibit, the art of Jennipher Strawn, and also Stephanie Neill, we’re going to give ’em an unforgettable evening. We Poets will certainly be challenged to rise to the occasion of having such extraordinary art surrounding us…

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