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  1. Is that all we did, just three readings!?! I know we did more. That was the coolest little roundup ever, circling the U-Hauls like we were pioneers on the way to some snap-pop electrocutionary word-fry. You guys mocked up the inside of that truck like a 1971 East Village dope den. I felt at home. Eliz. Thompson, D.C. McKenzie [you rock, Dawn!!], B. Hutton, and Gabrielle Barnett, to all of whom I was appended like a four-letter barnacle, laid down some awesome licks–good enough, i told them all, to put between covers of a chapbook. I hope they take my advice and do it. … Nice work , Ang and Jennifer and Steph. Comfort and Word Cuisine came together in congenial currents even if the power supply checked out now & again.

  2. hey! we were already on the way back from the bar. seriously though, you guys kicked! that space was sweet! i had no idea what to expect walking in, but it was like some tiny little salon apartment oasis with lamps and tables and cool art on the walls. i had a moment of ‘hmmm… i could live here’. it was tight, but it was TIGHT!!! huge kudos to everyone involved.

  3. So glad I got to share the time and space with you. Hope to do it again someday.

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