Are you ready?


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  1. So Ang,

    The thing is, after gathering all the stuff (informative post BTW) – where do you place it? Does one study the broken down piece of architecture one lives in to estimate how it will collapse? So it’s placed where one can still retrieve it? Does one bury it away from the architecture? (but not too deep if it’s winter). Where does one place it?

    • I put it under the bed becusae I can find that place even when drunk. AKA head injury. Next to an outside wall. Not as much to dig though if the house falls in. As one friend said, “I could kick though your walls” There is a window to go in/out of. Like I said it is impossible to be ready for all the ways things can go to shit. You do the best you can with what you got.

  2. Pico Alaska Says:

    This is one of the best posts you’ve ever done. Not only because you probably outdid Medred on survival gear and survival *sense* but also because the first part made my laugh my nuts off. Those empty shelves thrilled you! You have a real love of danger and paranoia—like someone who just dares fate to throw a wicked “all the way things can go to shit” punch, because you’re gonna be ready. It confirms your world view. One would think you’ve seen combat, Ramirez. … Staff Sgt. A. Ramirez, 82nd Spenard Bike Battalion, ready for action. Sir! … Seriously, this has loads of good stuff. I didn’t know about half of this gear. When I prepare my emergency kit (I’ll do it next time … or maybe the time after that), I’ll follow these tips. Thanks.

  3. you didn’t mention your little wood tool or the film container

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