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  1. Figures it would be a cop that hit you, Ang. I once did that–hit a cyclist while I was driving, turning right into one-way A Street, looking left, while he was crossing right to left. As I eased out into the street I hit his front wheel and knocked him down. But he wasn’t hurt. His wheel was damaged. He was very gracious, said, “I knew I should have made eye contact with you.” I drove him and his bike home and gave him $50 (that’s what he asked for) to repair the wheel or get him a new one—this was some time ago. Again, he was splendid about it. Anyway, I look both ways now—in every situation, on every turn, every change of road. … My dog Clare is 13 and maybe that’s why the bugs don’t bother her as they used to. Still, it’ll get to the point in our backyard where she’s had it and wants to come inside. … I bought a bottle of REPEL (40% DEET) at REI about 2 weeks ago. Racks were pretty well stocked at the time, even though, a couple of days earlier, ADN reported on the shortage of bug dope in town. Pretty amazing that Anchorage stores would run out of the stuff. I use it whenever I go outside, and i re-apply it after 3 or 4 hours. When Maeve was a child, we would spray her clothes. But that still exposed skin. … I own 4 head nets (from years ago when we’d visit Denali every year). I could stand on a corner now and get maybe $20 for each one …

  2. … meant to say that spraying our tot’s clothes still LEFT a lot of skin for the skeeters to go after.

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