My Sister 8/2/61 to 11/23/13



5 Responses to “My Sister 8/2/61 to 11/23/13”

  1. It sounds strange to say, but I hope your parents are not living. There is nothing so sad as surviving a child. And as someone your own age, I think we would agree that we are way too young for our siblings and friends to leave us. So weird, so random, right?

  2. pico alaska Says:

    Sorry to hear it, Ang. Hope her end was easy. I’m thinking about you.

  3. Just started following your blog. So sad to hear about your sister. Keep your blog updated on your bike trip, long trips are cool.

  4. Damn, so sorry for your loss. Hope there is a wealth of good memories which you shared. Words are inadequate. Let me know if there is anything useful I can do.

  5. my dear friend, be well. my heart goes out to you. i look forward to seeing you this week. until then take time to breathe and to speak.

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