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Rock out!

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Do You Know Duke?

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At the Ball

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Wow I made it. Looked at the map before I left. Still over shot by a half mile on Airport dr.
No one to talk to yet, more later. Angela.



New toy learning curve

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He was going to take my camera.

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Mega Life in Spenard

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Ugly in Spenard

Went out for a short ride in Spenard.

DropzoneThe ‘Drop-zone’  (corner of Spenard and McCain) has been open way too long.The last thing Spenard needs are more guns.

You can’t see the posters they have in their windows when you’re speeding by in a car.

racist poster

You read about this crap on line. You see the images. But when you see it for your self, on the street, it affects you differently.

Racist. Racist. Racist.

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Lawn Ornament

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St. Nick in the Hood

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Wow, only two posts this month. Working hard in The Box, doing Saturdays on the floor in the Camping Dept. aka The West Wing. Lots to do in The Box and do it early. Lots of people in the store so I’m busy in camping too. Which is how I like it.
I’m really glad about the weather. Yeah I know it’s cold out. But with it being so clear I have a chance to see the sun in the afternoon. When it’s all cloudy I go to work in the dark, and come home in the dark.
I hope everyone had a great day. And I’ll be back to writing more when the cultural madness is over.