Why Comics?


Comics are the best way I have of telling a story though the screen of a laptop. They were that way on paper too. But with the death of paper as a mass media form this is the best way for them to be seen at all.

My laptop, a cheap ass small scanner, an ok camera, and the awesome Comic Life software from are my tech tools.  Those images not obviously a photo were made the old fashioned way. By hand, at my desk. Using ink, paint and whatever else I think will work.

I’m not laboring under any illusions of fame and fortune. I don’t think you will be seeing any sidebar or banner ads on this blog. The comics are here to tell stories to my friends and to my self.


One Response to “Comics”

  1. Did you know that Dr. Suess drew scores of anti-fascist, anti-Hitler, anti-appeasement cartoons in the 1930s and then went hard at the enemy once the war started? I borrowed a book of his period cartoons from the Library. I’m delighted and amazed. … Did you know that a couple, three GIs on Adak Island in 1944-45, working on the staff of the post newsheet , The Adakian — edited by one Dashiell Hammett — produced three or four cartoons every day for the paper (with captions often written by Hammett), and that 150 of those works (50 per artist) were published by the Army in a book called “Wind Blown and Dripping”? Another astonishing delight, but that book is not available to the public, which is too bad. These are generally called cartoons — single-panel jokes of a sort, often satirical (esp. in Suess’s case) and often a perfect comment on the times — but maybe they also can be called comics, because they tell their own kind of story, too.

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