Tips for Spenard Living.

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5 Responses to “Tips for Spenard Living.”

  1. Will and Beth Says:

    Glad you sent the correction- I really didn’t want to edit your cartoons!

    Thanks for the visit yesterday- we get in a pretty deep rut with our reclusive ways and it was a reminder that it’s alot of fun to have friends. As my dear old dad would say, “Who’da thunk it?”

  2. Oh, please tell me that’s the Ratboy in the last panel! He and I would go for days without being able to open our front (and only) door. Everyday, we’d try to open it and then just resign ourselves to climbing in and out the window. And, yes, having pizza delivered through it.

    That reminds me: You should post the “Klingon Sex” comic.

  3. Oh yes, that is the Ratboy! And a redo of “klingon Sex” is on the list.

  4. Angela,
    Am really enjoying Angela Online. Makes me lonesome for home way down here in New Zealand, where today in Cristchurch it was 35 degrees celsius above zero. I don’t know what that is in Farenheit, but trust me it was fucking hot. Thanks for the Jackie (Rancho Spenardo) links too. Do you have a facebook page. I’m posting lots of my travel photos on mine. You can see it through Michael Allen’s page if you’re opposed to Facebook. Be good, or don’t get caught, anyway.

  5. And I’m pretty sure I recognize the dude in the second panel too.

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