I Must Believe…..



I Must Believe in these Pills.



On time and twice a day. 

I must believe in these pills

because I keep taking them.

My delay of death overriding

my disgust of the Suits.





Like the plastic ball box at Chucky Cheese.

I could burry my self in empty orange bottles.

I throw them away month to month.

I don’t deny that I’m not ether

one of these things. 

But it’s in my face when at my feet lay

the empties that make me feel weak and old.


Are not ashes what I’m suppose to rise from?

Slightly smoking, still warm.

My life longer now

my mind lifted from darkness.

The pills, they keep the wood from burning.


I lost.

The wars for self control over.

All legally approved, with my consent.

What happen to my Freedom Fighter?

When I put this leash on.

A leash from heart and mind

tying me to the desk of the CEO at Eli Lilly.

The Suits rule

and they don’t give a fuck about me.


“You’re sick and never to be well again.”

The pills rattle out their message twice a day.

I think I’d sooner leave a bag of heroin

and a syringe out

than these neatly labeled orange bottles.


Top shelf beyond the short

black curtain that covers the nonexistent door.

My meds are in the closet. 



One Response to “I Must Believe…..”

  1. I dig your comics style bloggage.

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