Police Blotter Gallery


I had a sweet gig at the Anchorage Press for about a year. I illustrated ‘The Blotter’.

Weird and strange busts from all over the state. I was paid $40, and I always gave the editor two choices of drawings. By the end of the gig I could crank out those two drawings in about a hour. $40 a hour don’t suck. Then Robert M. came back as editor and I was gone.

Here are my personal favorites, with a description of the crime as near as I can remember it.  Oddly enough, some of these busts keep reoccurring. 


One Response to “Police Blotter Gallery”

  1. Angela, these are awesome. Sorry I missed them in publication. Wish the Press had the sense to keep using them.

    This summer I rode my recumbent bike 2300 miles from Missoula, MT back home to Talkeetna. Awesome trip! Photos available on my Facebook page (which is really the only reason I signed up). That and photos from my trip to Italy in March to visit Hannah.

    Great to see you’re keeping it real in Spenard,

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