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In the back seat.

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Lions and Tigers and Bears

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Change of Heart, or Commuity Pressure?

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Art Killers!

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One Day.

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New Link

The Authority Smashing! Hour.

Very interesting interviews and reports. These brothers are smart. They interviewed Dahr Jamail, our Alaskan writer gone global.

That gets my respect real fast.

A poet who gets my respect is Dawn over at Dawn Runs Amok

He’s been working on this one for months, Fou Roux ~the redheaded madman.


thirty good and wholesome
townspeople of Arles, neighbors all,
have had your yellow house closed by the cops
And you, Vincent, saw your worst fear come to pass
as you were finally hauled off to the asylum.

There it took three days of solitary
confinement to regain your Self.


There’s more, go check it out.

In the Box tomorrow, better get my ass to bed.


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